floating feed extruder machine cost

How to configure of small floating fish feed making machine unit with an output of 1-2 tons per hour? At present, some people in the breeding industry use complete feed, and some people use premix to prepare their own feed.

floating feed extruder machine cost

It is not a new thing to use floating fish feed making machines to make feed. For individual farmers, a single machine can suffice, but For small and medium-sized farms and feed processing plants, a floating pellet machine is far from meeting the user’s production needs.

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Therefore, the RICHI Machinery provides users with an hourly output of 1-2 tons of floating fish feed making machine units, which can be produced efficiently.

1. What are the configurations of a small pellet feed unit?

According to the user’s needs, the floating fish feed making machine manufacturer will recommend a pellet unit suitable for the user, including: feed grinder, mixer, screw feeder, feed pellet machine, feed cooler, forming a complete set of floating fish feed making machine units.

The above configuration can be flexibly matched, because some users’ scale and raw material factors will choose pulverizers, feed pellet machines, coolers, mixers, elevators, and feed packaging machines. These supporting equipment can be adjusted according to user needs.

RICHI Machinery will guide the user with a plan for free according to the user’s scale, factory, raw materials, daily output and other factors, so for new users, there is no need to worry about how to choose a small floating fish feed making machine unit that suits them, just provide their own the actual situation.

2. Configuration of 1-2t/h floating fish feed making machine line

The above configuration may not be enough for users who are planning to invest and set up a large-scale factory, so many users will choose a complete set of fully automatic floating fish feed making machine.

  1. Crushing and mixing machine: It can fully realize the work of crushing raw materials to fully mixing and stirring the raw materials.
  2. Feeder: The raw materials are evenly transported into the granulation chamber.
  3. Silo: Store the raw materials delivered by the feeder.
  4. Floating fish feed making machine: directly press raw materials into perfect pellet feed.
  5. Elevator: The finished feed is transported to the cooler at a constant speed.
  6. Feed cooler: Cool the pellets that have just been pressed from the floating fish feed pellet mill at high temperature.

The above configuration is more practical for large and medium-sized farmers and floating fish feed mills.

floating feed extruder equipment for sale

3. Which floating fish feed making machine is easy to use?

Farmers who are going to purchase floating fish feed making machines may be entangled in this problem, that is, they do not know which manufacturer’s pellet machine equipment is cheap and easy to use, because there are many such floating fish feed making machines currently on the market, and there are all brands.

It is a bit difficult to choose a reliable floating fish feed pellet machine manufacturer among many brands. In fact, brand and price are not the most important for farmers. The most important issue is to be able to purchase a machine of good quality that suits them.

The price of floating fish pellet machine on the market is high or low, ranging from 2000 to 200000 dollars. It is recommended that farmers decide to purchase according to their actual production scale and budget.

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Which brand of floating fish pellet machine is easy to use? It mainly depends on which brand of machine is easy to use, the price is moderate, and how is the after-sales service.

fish feed production process fish feed mill plant cost
  • Machine quality: Details determine success or failure. No matter what product you buy, if the quality is not good and the manufacturer cannot guarantee the quality, then the floating fish feed making machine is prone to failure, resulting in low production efficiency, and in serious cases, it will affect the economic loss of farmers.
  • Machine price: Many people say “high quality and good price, because the price of a machine is determined by its quality (use value).” Every farmer purchases a pellet machine in order to get a high-quality floating fish feed making machine.Just imagine, are the configurations and accessories quality of the machines sold for several hundred dollars on the market up to the standard?Only when the machines are well configured and the accessories are of good quality can the pellet mill run. Under normal circumstances, the cost of a product is directly related to the price.
  • After-sales service: as the saying goes, good “after-sales service” decides everything. Whether the floating fish feed making machine manufacturer is good or not depends on whether the manufacturer provides after-sales service. The manufacturer should provide users with high-quality, safe and reliable products so that users can have no worries.
floating fish feed mill plant feed for fish farming fish food machine automatic

Written to the end: RICHI Machinery is a well-known brand floating fish feed making machine manufacturer, specializing in the production of pellet machine equipment for more than 20 years. It belongs to the factory direct sales, has a number of qualification certifications, and belongs to the EU CE certification enterprise.

The floating fish feed making machine quality is guaranteed, and the models are complete. It provides cattle and sheep feed pellet machine, pigs, rabbits, geese, chickens, ducks, pigeons, fish feed pellet machines and complete sets of pellet machines.

The output of the floating fish feed making machine ranges from 150 kg to 42 tons per hour. It provides electric, diesel and tractor models with high cost performance and perfect after-sales service. It is the preferred brand for the majority of farmers and floating fish feed production lines.

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