wood pellet mill for sale

The biomass wood pellet mill for sale can collect, dry and pulverize various dispersed and specific shapes of crop straws under a certain temperature and pressure and extrude them into regular, dense rod-shaped, block-shaped or granular fuels to enhance their transportation and storage capacity.

Biomass pellet mill machines are widely used because they meet the needs of modern environmental protection and energy saving. So, in the current market, what advantages does the biomass wood pellet mill machine have? Richi Machinery has the answer for you now.

1. The wood pelletizer does not need independent lubrication

(1) The new type of pressure roller adopts international cutting-edge technology, advanced technology, and innovative integrated packaging. During the production process, there is almost no need to replace the bearing and no need to replenish oil.

(2) The main shaft and reducer are lubricated with thin oil, which effectively reduces the temperature of the main shaft bearing and does not require dry oil lubrication.

2. The wood pellet mill machine has a strengthened transmission system

wood pellet mill for sale

(1) The drive of the biomass wood pellet mill for sale adopts the parallel shaft three-stage hard tooth surface to reduce the teeth, the number of gears is increased, the gears are widened and strengthened, and the transmission strength is 3-5 times that of the traditional reducer.

(2) The biomass wood pellet mill for sale adopts high-efficiency and energy-saving motor, plug-in direct connection, high coaxiality, high-speed shaft adopts parallel shaft structure, gear shaft adopts two-point support for rotation, high rigidity, stable and reliable transmission, and can be upgraded to a larger one. strength.

(3)The transmission output is integrated with the main shaft, and the limited connection form is abandoned, and the strength is improved.

(4) The length of the main shaft is shortened and the rigidity is significantly improved, which can effectively reduce the wear of the pressure roller and the mold.

(5) The discharge port of the wood pellet mill for sale can be rotated at multiple angles, and the installation is more flexible.

The above are the main advantages of the biomass wood pellet mill for sale. Through two advantages, it brings a lot of convenience and technical operation to the biomass wood pellet granulator machine.

 3. How to properly maintain the wood pellet mill for sale?

Wood pellet mill for sale can be said to be a very common mechanical equipment in our life. With the increasing popularity of environmental protection and energy saving concepts, the application range of wood pellet maker machine is also becoming more and more extensive. (Related post: fuel pellet plant)

So, how do we properly maintain the wood pellet mill for sale and prolong its service life?

(1) Remember not to use waste oil directly

After the oil quality analysis of the waste oil replaced by the wood pellet mill for sale, corresponding measures are taken, and some of them can be reused. But we must be careful not to directly add waste oil to the pellet machine, which will cause damage to the pellet machine and reduce its service life.

If you want to reuse the waste oil of the sawdust wood pellet mill for sale, the water in the oil can be dehydrated by an oil-water separator; the mechanical impurities and sludge in the oil can be removed by a filter.

(2) Not all lubricating oils are suitable for wood pellet mills for sale

In order to make the equipment lubricated reasonably in different environments, a certain amount of additives must be added to the lubricating oil. The additives added to various lubricating oils are different, and the performance is also different. Therefore, according to the equipment conditions and use Only by selecting the appropriate lubricant for the environment can it play a good lubricating effect.

(3) Adding more oil to the equipment is not the better

When a wood pellet mill for sale is designed, its refueling amount is strictly specified. The operator should add lubricating oil according to the instructions and the oil standard and sight glass observed daily. If too much oil is added, it will have certain side effects and cause damage to the sawdust wood pellet mill machine.

4.About biomass energy

Biomass energy is a kind of renewable energy with a wide range of connotations, and the energy contained in biomass is called biomass energy.

At present, the planting area of crops in various countries is very large, so it is imperative to develop biomass energy. However, at present, the utilization rate of crop straws is low, and the utilization process damages the environment, causing huge waste of biomass energy, and also destroying the environmental balance. (Related post: biomass wood pellet plant in Indonesia)

Therefore, the efficient use of biomass energy is of great significance to improving my country’s energy utilization structure, weakening the proportion of fossil energy and promoting a green ecological balance.

The biomass fuel machined by wood pellet mill for sale mainly relies on the lignin in the biomass. When the pressure increases, the pellet characteristics of the lignin itself change, the pellets deform, and plastic flow is generated, the maximum stress perpendicular to the particle direction is extended, and as the pressure gradually increases, the pellets fill the voids with each other, along with a large amount of heat generated by the friction between the pressing roller and the material, and between the material and the material, the lignin is heated to the softening temperature (70-100℃), the adhesion of the lignin is enhanced, and the softened combined action of lignin and the original cellulose of the biomass makes the biomass take shape.

The biomass fuel wood pellet mill for sale uses low-cost, easy-to-fetch, and otherwise difficult-to-handle crop straws and agricultural and forestry wastes to make biomass briquette fuel.

The influence of the moisture content of the fuel and the ratio of raw materials on the relaxation density, drop resistance, moisture absorption resistance and compressive strength of the biofuel was further studied, and the durability of the fuel was comprehensively evaluated.

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