Price of poultry feed making machine

Today RICHI poultry feed machinery will share some useful information of “Price of poultry feed making machine and the benefits of pellet feed for feeding poultry”.

In recent years, human-poultry comorbidities and food safety issues have become a serious issue facing us, and drug residues have also become a major problem affecting food safety and multinational meat and poultry exports.

Price of poultry feed making machine

The reasons for the formation of drug residues:

Of course, because there are many diseases in meat and poultry now, there are more medicines. Therefore, how to prevent poultry diseases, especially some people and poultry comorbid diseases, has become the most important task of animal disease prevention and control departments. Although animal disease prevention and control departments in various countries have done a lot of work and achieved some achievements, they still cannot completely prevent and control poultry diseases and drug residues. (Reated post: cat litter production line)

Breeders and large-scale breeding farms raise chickens due to lack of nutrition, resulting in less pecking, feathers shedding, slow growth and development, small size, light weight, less activity, poor palatability, and susceptibility to various infectious diseases. However, the harm of chemical feed and medicines to chickens is the biggest side effect factor that directly affects food safety. These factors not only affect the food safety on the table, but also cause economic losses to the majority of farmers.

The followings are more information about price of poultry feed making machine and poultry feed machine advantages.

1.What are the advantages of using reasonable price of poultry feed making machine?

The RICHI poultry feed pellet machine uses corn, soybean meal, straw, rice husk, grass and other organic matter as raw materials to directly crush and process to produce pellets suitable for chickens. The processed granules have smooth surface, high hardness, and internal aging, which improves the digestion and absorption of nutrients.

The pellet formation process can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various worms and digestive system diseases. Compared with mixed powder feed, higher economic benefits can be obtained.

Under the action of high temperature and high pressure of the reasonable price of poultry feed making machine, the feed produces a rich paste fragrance, which is very consistent with the characteristics of chickens pecking. That is, the palatability of the feed is improved, it is easy to eat, and the nutrient absorption and conversion rate is increased by 30%. Non-toxic and sterile, reducing the occurrence of chicken diseases. And the produced feed is convenient for long-term storage and transportation.

In addition, according to experience, every 100 kg of pellets can produce 2 kg more meat than powder, and can shorten the feed period of high-quality broilers by 2 days. The advantages of pellet feed are that it improves the feeding speed of high-quality broilers, increases the amount of food eaten, reduces the energy consumption of feeding actions, improves the weight gain rate of high-quality broilers, and improves the conversion rate of feed.

The reason for improving the feed conversion rate is: the steam treatment and mechanical action during the pelleting process destroy the cell wall of the grain cells, so that the rich protein, fat, digestible carbohydrates and other active ingredients in the cells are released, which are easily digested by animals. , absorption, utilization. Certain harmful and growth-inhibiting factors in the feed are also destroyed by heat during the pelleting process. (Reated post: cat litter making machine)

Price of poultry feed making machine made by Richi Machinery range from $7,000 to $100,000, with different power, different output, and different price of poultry feed making machine. For the detailed Price of poultry feed making machine, you can send an email to: to consult our sales staff.

How to choose reasonable price of poultry feed making machine?

Nowadays, there are more and more manufacturers of reasonable price of poultry feed making machines on the market. How to choose reasonable price of poultry feed making machine has become a concern of most farmers. Today we will briefly talk about this issue.

(1) Judge the type of reasonable price of poultry feed making machine required by the species of animals you breed.

(2) Buy from a more formal poultry feed pellet making machine manufacturer or a specialty store.

(3) There must be indication signs visible at a glance at the operating position, such as lubrication, steering, etc.

(4) See if there is any leakage of electricity and whether there is any problem with the operation of the meter.

(5) The surface coating of the poultry feed pellet making machine should be smooth and bright, and there should be no creases, blisters, cracks, etc.

(6) Carefully check the quality of each part. For example, whether the handle is flexible and can be used stably; whether the gearbox leaks oil;

(7) Check whether the circle is balanced and whether there is any wrong impact, vibration, heat and noise.

(8) The reasonable price of poultry feed making machine to be selected must have a product license and instruction manual.

(9) See if there is after-sales service.

The above is what RICHI feed processing machine shared with you about how to choose a reasonable price of poultry feed making machine.

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